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30 January 2011

Iron & Wine Album Art

Iron & Wine
The Creek Drank the Cradle (2002)
1425px x 1425px / 2.77 MB

Iron & Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days (2004)
850px x 850px / 388 KB

Iron & Wine
The Shepherd's Dog (2007)
900px x 900px / 993 KB

Iron & Wine
Around the Well (2009)
900px x 900px / 983 KB

Iron & Wine
Kiss Each Other Clean (2011)
1600px x 1600px / 1.04 MB

Iron & Wine is the stage and recording name of American singer-songwriter Samuel Beam. If you like folk music, you absolutely need to check out these albums (start at the beginning of his catalog if you're looking for strictly folk with acoustic instruments). Included above are his four studio albums and one compilation album (Around The Well). His soothing voice and lush melodies will calm you as you are whisked away to simpler times...

I certainly enjoy his album art. The burlap texture and the simplicity of the debut, The Creek Drank the Cradle, is pleasant and reminiscent of times past, just like the music on the album. I really like the color palettes and textures used in the artwork for Our Endless Numbered Days and The Shepherd's Dog. Kiss Each Other Clean is a total departure from the previous album art, but in a lot of ways the album is as well. From the burning barn to the peacocks to the well-dressed bearded man standing in the water, I really enjoy it all, and that cover definitely takes me back to when I was a kid playing with scratch art (you remember those black sheets where you chiseled away to reveal hidden colors beneath?).

What do you guys think of Iron & Wine? Comment below! It's always nice to hear from all of you :]

26 January 2011

The Beatles Album Art | Part 2

The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
1717px x 1662px / 517 KB

The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
1510px x 1480px / 0.99 MB

The Beatles
The Beatles (aka the White Album) (1968)
840px x 840px / 37 KB

The Beatles
Yellow Submarine (1969)
800px x 725px / 431 KB

The Beatles
Abbey Road (1969)
1635px x 1485px / 617 KB

The Beatles
Let It Be (1970)
1510px x 1480px / 348 KB

The Beatles
Past Masters Volume One (1988)
600px x 598px / 63 KB

The Beatles
Past Masters Volume Two (1988)
500px x 500px / 33 KB

Coming at you today is Part 2 of The Beatles album art. There were a lot of good responses on the Part 1 post, so keep 'em coming! What do you guys think of this batch of albums? Personally, it doesn't get better than the iconic Abbey Road cover, which music fans everywhere should know and recognize.

24 January 2011

The Beatles Album Art | Part 1

The Beatles
Please Please Me (1963)
800px x 725px / 463 KB

The Beatles
With The Beatles (1963)
800px x 725px / 176 KB

The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night (1964)
1635px x 1485px / 617 KB

The Beatles
Beatles for Sale (1964)
800px x 725px / 396 KB

The Beatles
Help! (1965)
721px x 721px / 56 KB

The Beatles
Rubber Soul (1965)
800px x 725px / 473 KB

The Beatles
Revolver (1966)
3136px x 3168px / 3.32 MB

The Beatles. Icons. Legendary. They may be the most popular musical group to ever exist. They made a lot of albums (with a lot of amazing songs) and between international releases, EPs, live albums, compilations, and remasters, their discography can be very confusing.

In 1987, EMI and Apple Corps released all of the Beatles' studio albums on CD. With this release, the band's catalogue was standardized throughout the world, establishing a canon composed of the twelve original studio albums as issued in the United Kingdom, as well as the US album version of Magical Mystery Tour (1967), which had been released as a shorter double EP in the UK. All the remaining Beatles' material from the singles and EPs which had not been issued on the original studio albums was gathered on the two-volume compilation Past Masters (1988). On 9 September 2009, the Beatles' entire back catalogue was reissued following an extensive digital remastering process that lasted four years.

So, I've decided to break up The Beatles' official catalogue into at least two parts. Part 1 consists of Please Please Me (1963) through Revolver (1966). Part 2 will consist of the rest of their studio albums (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) through Let It Be (1970)) as well as Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and Past Masters (1988). I may return to The Beatles later with some additional posts that will include live albums and compilation albums, but it will definitely take some time to find all of that album art.

So what do you guys think of The Beatles? I've been meaning to do this update since before I even started this blog, especially since The Beatles catalogue was released for sale on Apple's iTunes in November 2010 and caused a pretty big stir in the news, and I'm very happy that my blog has grown enough that I'm comfortable making this post now! What do you think about their album art up through 1966?

19 January 2011

Justin Timberlake Album Art

Justin Timberlake
Justified (2002)
600px x 600px / 46 KB

Justin Timberlake
FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006)
900px x 900px / 415 KB

Justin Timberlake
Essential Mixes (2010)
1429px x 1414px / 249 KB

Coming at you today is some album art from pop sensation and actor Justin Timberlake. He has only released 2 studio albums, Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds, and 1 compilation album, Essential Mixes, but he has collaborated with many artists to create a lot of "hot tracks".

His album art is pretty straightforward. My favorite is probably FutureSex/LoveSounds, simply because I think it would be pretty sweet to smash a disco ball in such a manner. Anyways, what do you guys think of JT and his sweet jams?

13 January 2011

M.I.A. Album Art

Arular (2005)
600px x 599px / 265 KB

Kala (2007)
953px x 953px / 328 KB

MAYA (2010)
640px x 640px / 101 KB

M.I.A. (Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam) is a British singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer whose eclectic compositions combine elements of hip hop, electronica, dance, avante-garde, alternative and world music. She uses some very interesting sounds and samples in her music, and I really appreciate her albums.

Her song "Steppin Up" on MAYA always makes me chuckle a bit -- the power tool samples make this song reminiscent of some sort of Tim Allen (Home Improvement) level drug binge hahah. As far as the album art goes, it's all certainly very busy and colorful, isn't it? I feel like these garish covers are definitely appropriate for the music, and they're fun to look at, as well.

This is a short post today, so I'll let you guys do the talking. What do you think of M.I.A. or her album art?

12 January 2011

John Mayer Album Art | Part 2

John Mayer
Any Given Thursday (2003)
784px x 800px / 101 KB

John Mayer
As/Is (2004)
300px x 294px / 23 KB

John Mayer
As/Is Volume One (2003)
149px x 150px / 8 KB

John Mayer
As/Is Volume Two (2004)
350px x 350px / 19 KB

John Mayer
As/Is Volume Three (2004)
350px x 350px / 25 KB

John Mayer
As/Is Volume Four (2004)
300px x 300px / 15 KB

John Mayer
As/Is Volume Five (2004)
256px x 256px / 22 KB

John Mayer Trio
Try! (2005)
900px x 882px / 71 KB

John Mayer
Where the Light Is: Live in Los Angeles (2008)
600px x 600px / 220 KB

Today we have Part 2 of John Mayer's album art, which includes all of Mayer's live albums (including one, Try!, released as the "John Mayer Trio"). There is one album here, As/Is, which needs some explanation...

From the Wikipedia: "As/Is is a live album by John Mayer, released October 19 2004, available for download from iTunes and also available as a double-CD release. The albums were released from live concert performances across the United States from the tour following the release of Mayer's second album, Heavier Things. The recordings include five albums-worth of material as sold on iTunes. As of July 2009, the four concert-specific albums were still available on iTunes in the United States, though Volume One is no longer available; Each album has its own artwork. A two-disc compilation [whose album art appears first in the list above] was released physically and digitally which features the "best" of the iTunes series."

So, basically, the first As/Is image above is the cover of the 2-CD compilation album, then the rest of the As/Is images are the covers of each of the live volumes released on iTunes. All of the bunny-themed As/Is covers were designed by the artist Kozyndan.

What do you guys think of John Mayer Part 2? By the way, (once again) if you ever have a higher-res or better-looking version of any of the album art files that I post here, please let me know and I'll figure out a way that you can send them to me! Some of these images are pretty low-res and I would love to replace them with something better if it's out there.

11 January 2011

John Mayer Album Art | Part 1

John Mayer
Room For Squares (2001)
800px x 800px / 164 KB

John Mayer
Heavier Things (2003)
600px x 600px / 44 KB

John Mayer
Continuum (2006)
1425px x 1425px / 756 KB

John Mayer
Battle Studies (2009)
1585px x 1600px / 240 KB

John Mayer is a musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and music producer. His music is really quite nice and he's made a whole slew of hit songs that I'm sure you've heard if you've ever spent a few minutes listening to a radio. This Part 1 post will include all of his studio albums; the Part 2 post will cover all of his live albums.

His album art is very simple and effective, in my opinion. I enjoy the pattern (I feel like this type of pattern may have a specific name?) and presentation of the Room For Squares album. I also really enjoy the Continuum cover; the contrast between the black and white photo and the colored text is awesome, the font used for "Continuum" is very suave, and the photo in general is quite thoughtful.

Anyways, sorry for the late posting this week! Things have been very busy recently. So, what do you guys think of John Mayer and his sweet jams?

06 January 2011

Daft Punk Album Art | Part 2

Daft Punk
Alive 1997 (2001)
1000px x 960px / 218 KB

Daft Punk
Daft Club (2003)
945px x 945px / 78 KB

Daft Punk
Human After All: Remixes (2006)
600px x 600px / 131 KB

Daft Punk
Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005 (2006)
500px x 500px / 31 KB

Daft Punk
Alive 2007 (2007)
500px x 500px / 108 KB

Daft Punk
Tron: Legacy Soundtrack (2010)
1500px x 1500px / 134 KB

We're back with Part 2 of the Daft Punk album art collection. These are all of Daft Punk's "other" (non-studio) albums, which include 2 live albums, 2 remix albums, 1 compilation album, and 1 soundtrack.

Personally, I have to say that the music (as well as the Daft Punk cameo) are the things that made the movie Tron: Legacy for me (along with Jeff Bridges being an all-around cool Dude). I like the covers of the Alive albums; Alive 1997 has a neat equipment box / tour kinda look, and Alive 2007 has a neat little geometric pattern that kinda resembles a stage. I really wish I could see these guys live, as Alive 2007 in particular is an amazing album. Daft Club's cover gives us a shot of the two artists (or at least their helmets), which is pretty cool, as well.

Have you guys seen Daft Punk live? Have you seen Tron: Legacy yet? There are some really incredible tracks on that soundtrack. What do you guys think of their album art here on the Part 2 post?

05 January 2011

Daft Punk Album Art | Part 1

Daft Punk
Homework (1997)
1390px x 1390px / 266 KB

Daft Punk
Discovery (2001)
500px x 496px / 41 KB

Daft Punk
Human After All (2005)
566px x 567px / 32 KB

Daft Punk is an electronic music duo consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. They have had a large following of devoted fans for years, and have just recently taken their act to a whole new level by devoting a long amount of time to making an incredible film score for Disney's Tron: Legacy (this soundtrack will appear on the Part 2 post).

Part 1 of their album art includes their 3 studio albums, and Part 2 of the album art will include all of their "other" albums (live albums, remix albums, compilation albums, soundtracks).

For containing such iconic songs as "One More Time" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", these albums sure do have bland covers! What do you guys think of their music or their album art? Stay tuned for Part 2 (with the Tron: Legacy soundtrack) coming soon!

04 January 2011

Vampire Weekend Album Art

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend (2008)
1350px x 1389px / 195 KB

Vampire Weekend
Contra (2010)
600px x 600px / 303 KB

Vampire Weekend is an indie rock band from New York City that formed in 2006. Since then, they've pumped out two studio albums and a handful of EPs, which have some really great tunes on them. I don't know what I think about their album art, these very plain polaroids... in fact I've seen Contra show up on a list of "Worst Album Covers of 2010" or something like that (you can probably find it with some googling). I guess I like that they're going with something and being consistent with all of their albums so far, but what they're going with doesn't do anything for me. Their album art pretty much sucks in my opinion, but I do enjoy their music.

According to the internet, the cover photo for Vampire Weekend is a Polaroid picture from one of their early shows in Columbia University, and the cover photo for Contra was taken in 1983 (by photographer Tod Brody) and was chosen as a juxtaposition to the debut album's cover which, while taken in 2006, looks as if it "inhabits the same world".

Anyways, what do you folks think? Have you heard of these guys before?