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09 December 2010


Hey guys and gals!

I've always been a huge music fan, and ever since I started purchasing music online through these "inter webs" I have noticed a distinct lack of high-quality album art.  The iTunes auto-album-art-grabber-thing sucks ass and gets you low-res and mismatched images, so that isn't a viable option if you want to have a collection of mp3s (or flac, or whatever you use) with respectable album art.

I've always had to do extensive googling, check one "go-to" site when googling failed, and just magic up some of these images out of thin air just so I could have the best looking mp3s out there.  My iPod is going to look good and have high-res album art on every single file I have -- that's always been my philosophy, and always will be, and I've spent a lot of time over the years finding the highest possible resolution album arts.

This is where you come in. I've decided to start a site dedicated entirely to posting high-res album art and discussing the merits or demerits of said album art. Does the album art fit the music on the album? What does the album art mean or does it represent anything?  I'm going to start with the images I've collected and update with everything I have from a certain band/group (usually all of their studio albums), so come join the chat!

Welcome to the site! Dive in and check out whatever images you like.  Be sure to follow, comment, and leave me some love if you like anything in specific.  Also, if you see any advertising links on this blog that you're interested in, feel free to click them.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer the internets!


P.S.: I always shoot for resolutions at least 500px x 500px, but sometimes (especially in the case of rare albums) higher-resolution artwork is simply not available at an acceptable quality level.  If you ever have a better-looking and/or higher-res version of a file I have posted here, please post a link in the comments section of that blog entry. Thanks!

P.P.S.: Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions or general site comments as I would love to hear them. Enjoy the site.


DISCLAIMER: If you or your affiliates are the owners of any intellectual property posted on this site and would like it removed, please contact me immediately and let me know which pieces you own, and I will remove them from the site right away.  Thank you!

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