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15 December 2010

Minus the Bear Album Art

Minus the Bear
Highly Refined Pirates (2002)
1200px x 1200px / 528 KB

Minus the Bear
Menos el Oso (2005)
500px x 500px / 72 KB

Minus the Bear
Interpretaciones del Oso (2007)
500px x 500px / 49 KB

Minus the Bear
Planet of Ice (2007)
600px x 600px / 300 KB

Minus the Bear
OMNI (2010)
640px x 640px / 45 KB

Minus the Bear is a rock band from Seattle, Washington. Planet of Ice is the first CD of theirs that I heard and it made me go out and buy the rest of their albums to see what else they had to offer (they didn't disappoint!). I don't feel too strongly one way or another for the first three albums displayed above, but I really do enjoy the frigid scene depicted on the Planet of Ice cover and I enjoy the colors, the fonts, the faded/dirty texture (as well as just the simplicity) of the OMNI cover.

Have you guys ever listened to them? If not, you definitely should, and I'd certainly recommend Planet of Ice if you're looking for some music to play to set a nice mood at a low-volume party where people are maybe playing some pong and you're not sure whether it's going to become a high-energy or low-energy vibe (trust me, I've definitely used that specific CD at a few parties we hosted at my old apartment).


  1. Kid A all up in this ma. Never really listened to these guys, I'll check out Planet of Ice!

  2. Ive never even heard of this band, but it says its rock so imma check this out, watch out youtube

  3. Amazing Band, One of my favorites actually. Getting my Minus The Bear ink in just a few eeks