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15 December 2010

MGMT Album Art

Oracular Spectacular (2008)
600px x 600px / 224 KB

Congratulations (2010)
1500px x 1500px / 345 KB

I fell in love with MGMT right away as soon as I heard the song "Kids" on Oracular Spectacular. Since then, they've released another album, Congratulations, which is rather different but still very enjoyable (I definitely don't get the mixed reviews it receives...).  The outfits that they wear on the cover of Oracular Spectacular are completely outrageous, in a good way. Have you guys heard MGMT yet? If not, you need to buy their albums immediately haha.


  1. The whole visual vibe of Oracular Spectacular was just awe inspiring. Obviously with that crazy acid trip of a music video for Time to Pretend... But they just kept going further and further haha. Each one more insane than the last. I dunno about their new stuff though, it doesn't seem to stick as well. Maybe I'll give it another try. Your subject is genius by the way, I mean, damn. Easy right? Easy.

  2. Definitely agree with the assessment of Oracular Spectacular. The newer stuff is certainly less geared toward hit tracks and works better when you listen to the CD top to bottom as a whole instead of just a track here or there, which I understand is unpopular (kids these days, buying their single tracks on itunes, pshh)... so I guess I do understand why people don't like it as much, if just from that standpoint alone.

    And thanks! I've had a folder full of album art growing for years as I've added more music to my digital collection, so I figured I could post them here, and as long as I add links for people to buy the music, the bands / IP owners wouldn't get too upset that I've posted their images. Hopefully things like the band names will help me start to get a little bit of traffic eventually.