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14 December 2010

Death Cab for Cutie Album Art

Since Death Cab for Cutie literally announced their new album Codes and Keys is going to be coming out this spring only moments ago today, I figured it would be appropriate to post an update with their album art today of all days.

First, here's the official word from Death Cab's facebook page:
Codes and Keys, the new Death Cab for Cutie album, will be coming out this Spring. To check out what Ben, Nick, and Chris have been saying about the new album, read these recent articles and interviews from Stereogum and 
Stereogum Progress Report: Death Cab for Cutie with Nick Harmer interview with Ben Gibbard interview with Chris Walla

Death Cab for Cutie
Something About Airplanes (1998)
900px x 900px / 265 KB

Death Cab for Cutie
 We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes (2000)
500px x 500px / 40 KB

Death Cab for Cutie
The Photo Album (2001)
500px x 500px / 157 KB

Death Cab for Cutie
Transatlanticism (2003)
600px x 600px / 229 KB

Death Cab for Cutie
Plans (2005)
500px x 500px / 261 KB

Death Cab for Cutie
Narrow Stairs (2008)
600px x 600px / 317 KB

What do you think about Death Cab for Cutie? My favorite album covers of theirs have to be Transatlanticism and Narrow Stairs and coincidentally those are also my 2 favorite Death Cab albums. I can't wait for the new album to come out because I have complete faith that it is going to be phenomenal just like the rest of their music.

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