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14 December 2010

Arcade Fire Album Art

Arcade Fire
Funeral (2004)
706px x 641px / 92 KB

Arcade Fire
Neon Bible (2007)
1690px x 1474px / 888 KB

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs (2010)
608px x 602px / 184 KB

Arcade Fire is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec. I use the term "indie" pretty loosely since they've recently gained a lot of (VERY) well-deserved attention and popularity (and also since I hate the term "indie" in general.... "indie" doesn't describe a genre at all, there are all sorts of "indie" groups with all sorts of different music! anyways...).  This is another band that I am in love with. Their music makes me want to reflect on my life and perhaps even remember some somber or depressing memories -- anything that makes me think about my past experiences is good in my book, as reflecting on the past helps me to have a more successful present and future and makes me smile inwardly, even if the memories are sad ones.

The Suburbs is easily one of my favourite (and most listened-to) albums of the year. What do you guys think about the album art or the band?

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  1. I love Arcade Fire!!! Thanks for the album art =D