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24 December 2010

Led Zeppelin Album Art | Part 3

Led Zeppelin
Boxed Set (1990)
600px x 600px / 252 KB

Led Zeppelin
Boxed Set (1990) - Disc I
600px x 600px / 98 KB

Led Zeppelin
Boxed Set (1990) - Disc II
600px x 600px / 83 KB

Led Zeppelin
Boxed Set (1990) - Disc III
600px x 600px / 96 KB

Led Zeppelin
Boxed Set (1990) - Disc IV
600px x 600px / 93 KB 

Led Zeppelin
Remasters (1990)
1600px x 1590px / 953 KB

Led Zeppelin
Boxed Set 2 (1993)
600px x 532px / 203 KB

Led Zeppelin
The Complete Studio Recordings (1993)
883px x 700px / 87 KB

Led Zeppelin
Early Days (1999)
600px x 587px / 127 KB

Led Zeppelin
Latter Days (2000)
600px x 600px / 96 KB

Led Zeppelin
Early Days & Latter Days (2002)
600px x 520px / 289 KB

Led Zeppelin
Mothership (2007)
1491px x 1491px / 490 KB

Led Zeppelin
Definitive Collection (2008)
338px x 338px / 14 KB

Here it is, as promised: Part 3 of the Led Zeppelin album art. Part 3 covers all of the Led Zeppelin compilations released throughout the years, and even includes the covers for the 4 discs of the 1990 Boxed Set.

I definitely think the album art from Part 1 (studio albums) is the best album art that Led Zeppelin has to offer, which makes sense, because those were the albums that the band members were actively involved in deciding what art to use, and those were the albums that were made while the band was together and all of the members were living. Still, there are a couple good covers from Part 2 (live albums) and Part 3 (compilations). In this update, I'd have that I like the crop circle photo with the zeppelin shadow across it that they used for Boxed Set and Remasters. Disc IV in the 1990 Boxed Set is also a cool photo (the one with the symbol dug out of sand and partially filled with ocean water). The NASA imagery on the Early Days and Latter Days covers is also pretty neat. Other than that, I think the covers are a bit uninspiring, but I supect (at least for a couple of the bigger multi-disc collections) that there is some pretty cool stuff in the album booklet and extra materials.

There have already been a lot of comments on the other Led Zeppelin posts, which is awesome! What do you guys think of these?

23 December 2010

Led Zeppelin Album Art | Part 2

Led Zeppelin
The Song Remains the Same (1976)
1846px x 1849px / 204 KB

Led Zeppelin
BBC Sessions (1997)
953px x 953px / 118 KB

Led Zeppelin
How the West Was Won (2003)
1303px x 1297px / 359 KB

In Part 2 of the Led Zeppelin album art update, I bring you their three live albums (Part 1 = Studio, Part 2 = Live, Part 3 = Compilations). Have you guys heard any of these albums or had the distinct privilege of actually seeing Led Zeppelin perform live?


I can't believe I've reached 50 followers! Thank you guys so much for all of the support and suggestions throughout the past weeks. I'm not stopping any time soon, so get ready for Led Zeppelin Part 2 later this morning :)

22 December 2010

Led Zeppelin Album Art | Part 1

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin (1969)
600px x 594px / 89 KB

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II (1969)
600px x 600px / 83 KB

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin III (1970)
600px x 600px / 367 KB

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
600px x 598px / 90 KB

Led Zeppelin
Houses of the Holy (1973)
600px x 600px / 117 KB

Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti (1975)
600px x 597px / 99 KB

Led Zeppelin
Presence (1976)
450px x 450px / 31 KB

Led Zeppelin
In Through the Out Door (1979)
600px x 594px / 111 KB

Led Zeppelin
Coda (1982)
600px x 594px / 73 KB

Led Zeppelin was a legendary English rock band that formed in London in 1968. While my taste in music has changed drastically throughout the years, my appreciation of their music and the pleasure of listening to it has not diminished a bit.

This is Part 1 in a series of 2 parts showcasing Led Zeppelin's album art. Part 1 features all of Led Zeppelin's studio albums and Part 2 will feature their live albums and compilation albums.

A lot can be said about Led Zeppelin's album art, because they made an effort to produce an amazing album, and the album art was part of that.  There were many innovative things they did with their album covers that you can read about on the internet; the one that sticks out the most to me is Led Zeppelin III which you can read about here on the Wikipedia. Physical Graffiti has always held a special place with me as my dad always used to have this CD in his car when I would drive around with him about 10 years ago.  Every one of Led Zeppelin's album covers has a story behind it, which I love.

What do you guys think? I've been getting some complaints about the bands I've been choosing lately, so I figured I'd reel it in a bit and write a post about a band that I know a lot of people love.

21 December 2010

Imogen Heap Album Art

Imogen Heap
iMegaphone (1998)
600px x 600px / 213 KB

Imogen Heap
Speak for Yourself (2005)
500px x 500px / 34 KB

Imogen Heap
Ellipse (2009)
1022px x 1024px / 343 KB

Imogen Heap is a British singer, composer, and songwriter. She has a gorgeous voice and makes beautiful music, that's all there is to it. If you haven't heard any of her music before, you have probably heard a terrible rap song by Jason DerĂ¼lo that heavily samples her incredible song "Hide and Seek".

I don't have much to say about iMegaphone's album art, except that her hair and outfit are outrageous haha. Speak for Yourself's cover is very minimalist and all of the white space is reminiscent of purity and clarity -- coincidentally there is a clarity to her sound that I really appreciate. Ellipse has probably the most interesting cover out of the three albums; to me she looks almost like a fairy emerging from a forest with the glowing ellipses above her hands representing some sort of inspiration or enlightenment.

What do you think of her music or her album art? Have you heard anything from her before (including that terrible, terrible rap song that samples her)?

20 December 2010

The Lonely Island Album Art | Part 1

The Lonely Island
Incredibad (2009)
600px x 600px / 176 KB

The Lonely Island is a comedy troupe made up of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. They really blew up with a few popular bits on Saturday Night Live and then released Incredibad in 2009. My favorite part about their music is how well it all works as pop / hip hop music -- if you weren't paying attention to the lyrics, you wouldn't think twice. They've also had some really awesome (and random) guest artists featured on their tracks, which is absolutely hilarious. The artwork is depicting a moment that "happened" in the lives of the three members of the group, which is described on one of the later tracks of the album.

The first single for their upcoming album (2011 release), "I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)", debuted this weekend on SNL, and the video is certainly "bouncing around the web like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert" as it's gotten almost 4 million hits in just a day and a half. I've included the video below, check it out!

Discovery Album Art

LP (2009)
1350px x 1350px / 338 KB

Taken direct from the WIKIPEDIA: Discovery is the American indie rock, electronic, funk recording project of Rostam Batmanglij the keyboardist from Vampire Weekend and Wes Miles the vocalist from Ra Ra Riot, friends who began recording together in the summer of 2005.

So I have never really listened to any Ra Ra Riot or Vampire Weekend, but the combination of talent from each of those groups has produced a very synthy and chill group called Discovery (which makes me want to hear what the bands these guys are normally with sound like). A friend of mine tipped me off about Discovery maybe a week or two ago and I've been listening to LP pretty hard since then. These are just the types of sounds that appeal to me, and I feel like the color spectrum on the album cover is certainly appropriate for the style of music. Looking at the album art makes me think of an extremely pixelated photo of a sunset over the ocean. Do you think that vibe is intentional or accidental? I'd like to think I'm clever and I "figured it out", but odds are just as good that the band members just liked those colors.

Have you heard them before? I'd recommend checking out "Osaka Loop Line" and going from there (or just listening to the whole CD down if you have the means of doing that).

19 December 2010

Pretty Lights Album Art

Pretty Lights
Taking Up Your Precious Time (2006)
1000px x 1003px / 944 KB

Pretty Lights
Filling Up The City Skies (2008)
1147px x 1123px / 435 KB

Pretty Lights
Passing By Behind Your Eyes (2009)
1996px x 1996px / 1582 KB

Pretty Lights
Making Up A Changing Mind (2010)
1528px x 1528px / 775 KB

Pretty Lights
Spilling Over Every Side (2010)
800px x 800px / 681 KB

Pretty Lights
Glowing In The Darkest Night (2010)
1528px x 1528px / 254 KB

Pretty Lights is an electronic trip hop project from Derek Vincent Smith. First of all, I've included links if you would like to buy any of his albums from Amazon, but you really shouldn't do that, as all of the music is available for download on his website, Pretty Lights Music. You should really donate whatever money you can when you download from his website, as all of the money goes directly to the artist and it's a way to show somebody who's generous enough to share their talent with the world FOR FREE that you like what they're doing and are willing to support them. I couldn't afford to donate much when I first started listening to them (and I absolutely wouldn't be able to now lol), but I donated what I could because I fully support that business model and what it stands for.

I enjoy Pretty Lights' music and I especially enjoy the album art for the 3-part 2010 release (Making Up A Changing Mind, Spilling Over Every Side, Glowing In The Darkest Night) because they're so sci-fi and... strange, haha. Have you guys heard of Pretty Lights before? What do you think?

17 December 2010

A Perfect Circle Album Art

A Perfect Circle
Mer de Noms (2000)
500px x 500px / 57 KB

A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step (2003)
600px x 596px / 179 KB

A Perfect Circle
eMOTIVe (2004)
500px x 496px / 57 KB

Here is the album art for a rock/metal band called A Perfect Circle. I got into this band after listening to a lot of Tool (the main singer from Tool is also the main singer for A Perfect Circle). Thirteenth Step is definitely my favorite album of theirs, though I honestly pretty strongly dislike it's album art (insects, even that goofy yellow thing, just make me cringe and I don't want to look at them).  They're a lot more mellow than Tool, so if you like Maynard James Keenan, but aren't really into how heavy Tool is, then you might want to check out A Perfect Circle! What do you guys think about them?

16 December 2010

The Mars Volta Album Art

The Mars Volta
De-Loused in the Comatorium (2003)
600px x 592px / 67 KB

The Mars Volta
Frances the Mute (2005)
466px x 460px / 294 KB

The Mars Volta
Scabdates (2005)
599px x 593px / 132 KB

The Mars Volta
Amputechture (2006)
461px x 461px / 508 KB

The Mars Volta
The Bedlam in Goliath (2008)
600px x 600px / 159 KB

The Mars Volta
Octahedron (2009)
600px x 600px / 198 KB

The Mars Volta is a band that has some incredible album art (and some really killer music!). I'm lucky to be able to say that I've seen them live before, which was a very cool experience. Personally, De-Loused in the Comatorium has remained my favorite album of theirs throughout the years (this might be due to nostalgia though... haha) despite each of their other albums having great stuff on them as well.

Have you guys heard any of their music? I'd recommend starting from the beginning of their collection based solely on the awesomeness of De-Loused.

Radiohead Album Art | Part 1

Pablo Honey (1993)
584px x 581px / 129 KB

The Bends (1995)
500px x 500px / 175 KB

OK Computer (1997)
1660px x 1472px / 332 KB

Kid A (2000)
600px x 600px / 114 KB

Amnesiac (2001)
600px x 600px / 39 KB

Hail to the Thief (2003)
600px x 600px / 243 KB

In Rainbows (2007)
494px x 494px / 398 KB

Radiohead. One of the greatest bands of all time, for sure (in my opinion, at least). Somebody mentioned how similar Kid A's cover is to Minus the Bear's Planet of Ice on the Minus the Bear post, and I couldn't help but do a Radiohead update.

You have most likely heard Radiohead's music before, so there's not much reason to go into extreme detail describing how great (and DIFFERENT!) each of their albums are, but trust me, if you haven't listened to at least all of OK Computer, Kid A, Hail to the Thief, and In Rainbows, then you're wrong. OK Computer is an album that I can always go back to and listen to when I need it, which is often. By the way, Radiohead recently released remastered 2-disc versions of a few of their albums (you can look it up online), which all sound really spectacular. There are melodies and voices in there that I had never heard before on the original mixes, and there is a new clarity to the sound that I really enjoy.

Are there any Radiohead fans out there reading the blog here? What do you think of their music or the artwork?